DID YOU KNOW... Aromatherapy is really for everyone!

Updated: May 29

Aromatherapy has many uses in our homes. There is a lot of research about its medicinal properties and claims for improving psychological and physical wellbeing. Whether you're a believer or just love making your home smell divine, finding the perfect oil blend is magic.

If your new to aromatherapy all you will need is an oil burner/diffuser and your chosen oils. Oil burners come in the traditional ceramic style with a tealight that heats the oils and diffuses the aroma, or the electronic diffusers readily available from most large shopping centers and specialty stores and range from $15-$200. These are a much safe option as you can set a timer and they don't use heat so perfect for little ones. The only other thing you'll need is the essential oils. When purchasing your essential oils it's extremely important that you buy good quality oils and not synthetic copy oils. There are many options to buy good quality oils online or in shops or feel free to get in contact with me directly.

Now that you have your diffuser and oils ready its time to make your home smell better than your favorite candles.

Below are my 5 favourite blends. The numbers represent the drops used in the diffuser, do not use these in you are pregnant, or around newborn babies or in children's bedrooms. They are safe for family rooms as long as the children are 2+ years old:

Refreshing Citrus

2 Sweet Orange

1 Lime

1 Grapefruit

2 Lavender

Beautiful Bouquet

2 Ylang Ylang

2 Lavender

2 Geranium

1 Chamomile (optional)

Down to Earth

1 Mandarin

2 Cedarwood

2 Frankincense

Sweet Dreams

3 Lavender

1 Wild Orange

1 Ylang Ylang

1 Cederwood

Crisp and Fresh

2 Lavender

2 Lemon

2 Rosemary


Our family and our business focuses on being kind to ourselves, those we love and our environment. This is extremely important to us, which is why all of our packaging is eco-friendly and reusable and we don't use any single-use plastic. We make every effort to use certified organic products and each ingredient and packaging material is carefully sourced from our Australian suppliers so that only the highest quality is provided to our customers. We proudly support Australian small businesses (because karma is a wonderful thing)!

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