"My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature." 

Claude Monet


  Here at The Green Bible we believe in the importance of knowing what's in the products you use. We also believe that great products should be free of harmful toxins, kind to the earth as well as your wallet.

Since becoming a mother, I place great value on the knowledge of what goes into the products I use at home. My search for natural products began when I learned about the harsh chemicals featuring in my daily routine. This experience sparked a passion for natural botanicals and the opening of this small family-run business!


The Green Bible has hand-crafted clean recipes that are simple and effective to bring you the ability to make your own home and beauty products for you and your family. We strive to provide the best quality ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers, using recyclable and reusable packaging. 

We offer 3 unique collections each with a set of simple to follow instructions making it easy to create your very own natural products at home for yourself or to share with others. 

Our collections:



We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, in Australia. Our little tribe consists of my husband Paul and daughter Olive, our gorgeous bulldog Floss and myself, Ella. We spend most days with salt in our hair, sand in toes and smiles on our faces. Our Australian family-run business focuses on providing a very simple pattern for people to live their best natural life.


With all the pressures of being a new mum, I decided to invest my time into making some of my own products in pursuit of  leading a healthier lifestyle. Natural home and beauty products don't have to cost the earth. However, attempting to buy these ingredients individually involved buying in bulk, which was not only expensive but wasteful.  


My aim is to make it as simple as possible for people to enjoy products that families use daily. All of our ingredients are toxic free and follow simple formulas that can be made again and again using our recipes. Great natural products don't need rare or expensive ingredients, just a tried and tested recipe and a great combination of key ingredients that work effectively to do the job they were made for.  

Our family and our business focuses on being kind to ourselves, those we love and our environment. This is extremely important to us, which is why all of our packaging is eco-friendly and reusable and we don't use any single-use plastic. We make every effort to use certified organic products and each ingredient and packaging material is carefully sourced from our Australian suppliers so that only the highest quality is provided to our customers. We proudly support Australian small businesses (because karma is a wonderful thing)!

Welcome to our new friends, continuing customers and growing Green Bible community. We hope you enjoy creating 100% natural goodness in your home as much as we do!


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